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Glenn Miller : Banjo Teacher, Media Maker

Glenn Miller : Banjo Teacher, Media Maker for For Banjo lessons in Louisville call  (502-777-4274)

Glenn was born in 1962 in Louisville, Kentucky. Glenn was destined for music, as his parents named him after the most popular band leader of the 30's and 40's

Glenn's mother, a piano teacher and church organist, filled the house with music from the lessons with her many students. Music was always being taught in the house throughout his childhood.

At the age of 11 Glenn received a banjo from his aunt Mary, and he got it into playable shape. Acquiring several Earl Scruggs records from his neighbor Mr. Boyd and the music knowledge from his home, Glenn started playing bluegrass banjo.

 Mr. Boyd’s son Brent soon got a guitar and they played every night for many years. It was not long before they were playing places like The Pine Ridge Jamboree, Lincoln County Jamboree and Sheppardsville Music Park. Once Glenn was old enough to drive He and Brent played two summers for Squire Boon Caverns playing several shows a day every weekend.


After graduating high school Glenn became a member of the USAF. After returning to Louisville to work at the Kentucky Air National Guard he helped found "The Kentucky Ramblers" .A three year tour with the Kentucky Ramblers exposed Glenn to the greats of bluegrass. Glen met and played with Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanly, Larry Sparks, Jimmy Martin, The Osborn Brothers, Jim and Jessie , and many more. This expanded Glenn’s knowledge of bluegrass music and he draws from those roots up till today.

Glenn plays and records with 50 Biscuits Bluegrass Band and teaches banjo in Louisville, KY for 12 years and online at Pickers Academy for 5 years.