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 Now its time to scrape the stain off the inner circles.


Notice on this pic the binding  closest to the table is not scraped. Only the back 3 bandings have been scraped. A light coat of lacquer is sprayed on the resonator back so when the inside is stained it will not mess up the bindings that have already been cleaned.

We have not scraped the last banding because we have to stain the inside of the resonator.

Now that the inside of the resonator is stained we can star scrapeing the last binding.


once all the bindings have been scraped and checked then the first four coats of laquor will be applied.


Now that the laquer has throughly dried. we sand with 220 grit sand paper useing a sanding block and being careful not to sand too much . We do not want to sand through the lacquer in to the wood. That would mess up the stain.

After the sanding more lacquer is applied and more sanding . A total of 12-16 coats will be applied.